We apply degressive fees based on the number of Tezos delegated to us. If you delegate less than 40 000 Tezos, fees are 11%. Above 40 000 Tezos, fees are 8%. But we did even better, if you delegate more than 100 000 Tezos, fees will only be 5%!

You only delegate your stake right, you remain the holder of your Tezos and you therefore do not take any risk regarding your funds. It is completely secure, and this without even mentioning the infrastructure of our service to secure the earnings and ensure the proper redistribution of your earnings in due time.

No, we have chosen to make this accessible to all and have therefore chosen not to put any minimum, neither to delegate, nor even a minimum of earnings to be paid.

No, during the delegation, your Tezos are not locked, we have no control over your Tezos and you can also change your delegation service at any time.

The concept of delegation (or baking) on Tezos includes a "delay" of 7 cycles (28,672 blocks or about three weeks) after which you will start to receive gains related to baking. The winnings are then blocked for 5 cycles by the network, so you will receive your first payment from the 12th cycle. Of course, if you stop your delegation, your earnings due on past cycles (including the 7 lag cycles) and not yet received will be paid to you !