Low fees

From 5 to 11% on earnings, providing you best return and reliability.


A reactive assistance, mail and Twitter is at your disposal. ( Please, take a look at the FAQ before)

YOUR Tezos

You remains the only owner of your Tezos. We have no control on your funds.


A clear dashboard helps you to track your rewards at anytime.

How to delegate ?

Follow our tutorials to delegate your Tezos. If you have any question or doubt, we remain at your disposal for any help you might need.

About us

Tezos France Delegation is driven by the desire to offer you a high quality delegation service in France.

Created by a team of computer scientists, active in the ecosystem of crypto-active for several years, we are keen to make Tezos known through baking and delegation.

As a Baker, we are aware of the responsibilities of the Tezos protocol. We are committed to keeping a virtuous behavior and voting on the various amendments. See our general_policy.